Takoma United Black Soccer Team

Our coaching philosophy

Takoma United Black Soccer TeamOur coaching philosophy is focused on ensuring Takoma United Black Soccer Team players attain the skills to become not only good soccer players, but to also be respectful members of the soccer society, and the wider society at large. We work on developing and nurturing within players a deep respect for the game and its rules, and all who participate in it, to include the referees, linespersons, and opposing players, coaches and parents.

Our Primary Goal

  • To develop our players so that they understand both the physical and mental aspects of the game, and give them the tools make good tactical decisions during the game.

The three areas we constantly work with players to help develop are:

Innovative – the freedom to try new things, to play in a way that is unexpected by the opposition.
Disciplined – the maturity to take responsibility for the role assigned to them, be it Offense, Defense, Goal Keeper or Sub.
Technical – to feel comfortable with the ball, and be able to execute the fundamental elements of the game – shooting, dribbling, passing, and goal tending.

We will attempt during every practice session to incorporate drills that focus on each of these items.